We look to our members for contribution, in the form of members’ dues and donations, predominantly to create a revolving seed money fund for the purpose of initiating and developing new projects.


When a project is launched, we then seek donations specifically for that project.




Members Funding Participation

For the integrity of our not-for-profit status and avoidance of conflict of interest, we have strict conditions for our members who, beyond their contributions, may want to invest in our projects.


No member holds any equity in Bamboo Foundation Ltd. Members may loan money to the company but will not receive any interest income.


Members or supporters may invest or make a loan to the project but only on terms equal to or at a concession to what is available in the market.


Project Funding Principles

In funding a project, we aim to preserve our capital, but also to provide for both the daily needs and longer term interest of the beneficiary.


  • Provide for daily subsistence needs
  • Repayment of Bamboo capital +15%
  • Repayment of capital 2-5 years
  • Major stake in business ultimately to entrepreneur (Option to retain equity stake for ongoing influence by Bamboo of high potential business)
  • 3rd party funded equity must be less than (at most equal) Bamboo’s and a minority stake

BAM - Profit Distribution

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